Munoz Industries


We are working to return the world to pre industrial pristine beauty.

  • According to conventional wisdom, EARNINGS are directly related to RISK.

  • But RISK is indirectly related to information, knowledge, and experience.

  • Through a very special combination of those factors, we have reduced the risk factor, for real estate investments in Mexico.

  • Nothing magical or hidden, only old knowledge and experience applied to the business, in an area that has a lot of people claiming to know, but that really, very few know completely.

  • Then High risk in Mexico is related to people who claim having knowledge and experience and don’t really have it, or who has an interest in not providing you with the needed knowledge to reduce risk to USA levels.

  • We know, have the experince and want to do old fashioned business, wit the less amount of risk for the capital.

  • When we proppose an investment and claim experience, it is because we already risked our own capital and did it many times getting the same results, high returns and short ROI.

  • That is why we got these properties ready for sale at market prices or ready to come in to for a development business  by direct investment or shared risk partnership.

  • These properties have been legalized and title obtained directly from the Federal Government, registered by authority and all are private property with possession and property rights clear ready to commit.

  • To gain access to the American market, we have a partnership with some American corporations that take care of business in the international arena.

  • Forus development Co. Inc., a Nevada Corporation and Munoz professional development Corp. Inc. a South Dakota corporation,  take care of capital management, representation and sales for USA and Europe for Munoz Industries with all the international investors.

  • To be able to remain at the edge in our business, we have to innovate and research; a company that do not innovate, is a blind target for companies who do innovate.

  • Also we are researching in to new technologies to give us an advantage in the property development business.

  • We are developing this area to market the products we have ready for the Mexico´s and international market.

  • We don´t put any limits on this department, we are trying to create new areas for investment that are up to our high standards for earnings and ROI.

  • We have to use novel procedures to reach our goals; we have to research history to find facts and disprove fallacies and our company have unmasked several very old misconceptions about real estate real property and real ownership, even against estate governments and in favor of absolute true and legal private property ownership.

  • o our high standard of return, also diversiying so we can evolve as a company.

  • Without that, IBM would still be marketing mechanical calculators if at all.

  • As any company should do, give back to society part of what society give a company.

  • After all, history will remember more those who made the most contributions to society.
    According to this, we created and maintain ULTRASENSORIAL AC. a non for profit corporation that will try to stop Mexico´s brains leakage of  to the world.

  • Mexico have great intelligent people and educate them, but then, we loose those brains because they do not find a fertile place to gain what intelligent people want, earnings from their work, knowledge and intelligence.

  • We don´t want to give money to people, we want to give them the means to earn a decent living in Mexico, not abroad.