RISK FREE Real Estate investment in México


Risks in Mexico

Properties not Fully legalized but ready for investment.

When we talk about properties not fully legalized, me mean properties in need of a little investment to be fully legalized and ready for development.

We mean properties already paid to the previous owner, with no legal questions about the title, just in need of the title emission, register before the public registry done by the authority and register with cadastral authority also done by the authority; cadastral plan by private topographer, evaluation by bank evaluator, studies for environmental impact by private professionals and ocean federal zone by authorized private technician.


Any of the following properties can be acquired, partially or fully.

The investment needed for each one of the following properties is just TWO MILLION DOLLARS.

We need to Invest one million dollars to put the property on sale, we accept investors in each property to rise the capital needed.

Once the property is fully registered and legalized on the name of a bank trust stablished by us and he investors, we may get another partner for investment on development or we can just sell the property to anyone who wishes to purchase it, even the part owners and we act as normal partners with the investors, giving full disclosure at any time and even letting the investor manage negotiations.

Or the investor from the start, can negotiate with us the full ownership of the property,  again, with absolute full disclosure at all times and steps.

When we talk about risk free investment, we are talking about fully ensuring the investor investment; we are so sure about our business plan, that we insure at 100% the investment, with base on some of our other properties; your investments secure at all times, you will not lose any investment with us; if an asteroid come down on the acquired property is at our risk, not yours.

NO hidden costs or services, the needed investment is to cover any tax. payment, legal fee or service needed.

Time: The time between investment and the property being fully legalized is about 3 months or less; a normal real Estate transaction take more, but this is because the one who register the property title is not us, is the federal authority and they do it with a federal order to register; no taxes to register the title also by law.

Since the seller was the Mexico´s Federal government, any earnings you may have is fully disclosed to the government from the start and there is absolutely no step out of legal procedures. You will have to pay your taxes, but that is up to you and the tax authority, while we can advise you on how to minimize, he tax payment if you need it.

If the investor is not a Mexican citizen, the transaction have to be done by a bank trust or fideicommiso.

OPPORTUNITY. - When something is difficult for most people, it turns in to an opportunity for those who know how to do it, when it is extremely difficult, only a few can take advantage of it and it turns in to an extremely good business.

EXPERIENCE.- We have experience in the legalization of land in the tourist strips in Mexico, dating to the 1990, with documented investigations going back to 1825 in some places; The founder partner was the director for ABC newspaper in Baja California, estate of Mexico, that some claim is one of the most difficult places for Real estate for the very old problems that the Estate governments have covered up for decades; there he made investigations that discovered government, ejidos and public notaries cover up of Fraud against the nation and then advised the agrarian Department and even the American Consulate on land legality.

EXPERIMENT WITH OUR OWN CAPITAL.- When we started, many land so called experts, told us we were wrong, they knew and they were the experts (Attorneys, real estate experts, public notaries and public officials), but we only confide in ourselves and our own investigations, so we applied to legalize some of the best beach property in Mexico, and bought the land form the Federal government, obtaining a National land title of private property; It was not easy, the federal government don’t want to open 100 years of files where they know have made mistakes, that they have not corrected; that way we went over the risk that exist in Mexico, we have clear titles for our properties and we have procedures to get them for many other properties on the working and that we are offering to investors.

HOW DO WE OFFER RISK FREE INVESTMENTS IN A HIGH RISK ARENA.- The risk in Mexico as a whole is high because of the problems mentioned above, but when you remove these problems with knowledge and experience, you end up with a risk free investment that very  few can accomplish; removing the risks, allow as to offer extremely high earnings in a legal open and clear way, that you can show to the government any time they want because they sold you the land.

That you buy at a good price and then you are able to sell at high gain is only because you had great advisors and the capital to do it; then if you have a very high capital gain, you expect to be hit with a very high tax, but national land titles have several advantages; you don´t pay taxes the first time the land is sold, the government is obligated to give you at least the same kind of land usage as your neighbors, never less.

If you see, we have nothing to hide, not even how we do it, we just have the expertise to do what many others cannot do even if they try; even our land legality investigations have been published and advised to estate governments and countries; those investigations gained us recognition by the USA Embassy and several journalist awards. Nothing is a mystery or a secret, it is only the law applied with knowledge the factor that allow us to do this business for us and our investors.

International wisdom considers investing in Mexico´s real estate a very high risk, mainly because the Mexican laws concerning property, are a complex mixture of left coming to the right, but not there yet.

Mexico also has several kinds of property:

                HIGH RISK                      Ejido property,

Divided in to Common land, work lot land and town land;

         Common land is land owned by the ejido as a unit not by any of its members, not even the ejido president, can be used by others, but only under the ownership of the ejido as a whole and its asembly it the authority, it is common property not for sale or use individually, only common usage.

        Work lot is land asigned to every one of the ejido people to work directly, under the current law, it can be leased or turned in to private property but only after a very difficult procedure, that involve official permits, authorization by the asembly under legal meeting and the ejido as a whole have to be legally constituted and free of common compromises (very seldom). The ejido people is very adept to take advantage of private investors, signing contracts and anything you want, but the law considers ejido people as children who do not uderstand contracts and have even special courts where the attorney for the ejido people is the judge and can even commit mistakes having the judge a legal obligation to correct them; if they dont show legal proof, the judge have to offer it for them or if he forgets to do it, when it is shown that the legal proff was useful for the ejido, the whole procedure goes back and the legal proof acepted at any time; there is legal principle, named the error in offering proof by the ejido and the judge is legally obligated to correct any legal mistake or ommision by the ejido; while if you commit a legal mistake or dont offer any legal proof, you lost your case. This make it extremely difficult to invest in Ejido Land, it is posible and there are investors who do it, but it is extremely dangerous for an investor more so for a foreign investor to do it.

      Town land, is almost private property but is is protected by the same ejido laws.

In Mexico, most of the suburban land is Ejido or colonial, so much, that you have to as for legal proof that land offered for sale is not Ejido or Colonial land.


                                                          COLONIAL TITLES

     Those property titles, were issued when Mexico needed to colonize some very large  distant areas, on their face they say, PRIVATE PROPERTY, but it is really something like private but not even near real PRIVATE PROPERTY.

     People used to get them and register them as private property at the local public registry and they did it, but if you read the fine print, it say that you who were issued the title have several obligations that when not fully acomplished, the property right disapeared leaving you with national property.

 OBLIGATIONS           You have to permanently live at the colony, not difficult to understand because those titles were issued free and to make people actualy colonize the colony, and if you failed to live there permanently, your title was void automatically giving you no property right.

           You had to work the land but only on an officially authorized way,  and report the exploitation every year to the agrarian department; if you failed to report exploitation for 3 years, your title was void automatically giving you no property right.

           You were able to sell one of those titles, but not as private property before a public notary, you haa the legal obligation to appear before the agrarian department and compromise yourself to the same conditions and then a new title was issued to you directly, you were never able to get the right to own colonial land from any other than the agrarian department, not from the one who sold you the land and if you didn´t do it the right way, you ended up with no right as soon as the one who sold you the land, didnt report the exploitation, or didn´t live at the property. 

           There are many conditions, but those are the most difficult to maintain and most people at one time or another failed to commply with the conditions; most colonys never started to function and the titles issued never gave any legal right to own the land, but the titles were regitered at the public registry and later sold as private property, when they really gave no right to own. But many actual properties are based on those titles that dont give any right to own, but that look at the public registry as private property.

         Statute of limitations? dont exist for national land, Good faith? dont exist against national land.

         Those titles act like a mine field for property aquisitions, you have to go back in time and make certain that at no time the property came from one of those titles, because then you are buying national property and that is a federal ofense. 


                                           PRIVATE PROPERTY coming from a judge rulling as personal jurisdiction
         That mean, that somebody came before a judge, without any right to own and just because he said to the judge, that he was acting as the owner for several years with no other owner coming to challenge him, he should declare him the owner; and they did it, but as long ans the legal owner didnt come forward to claim the property. Then they were able to sell the land again and again untill nobody remember that the property had that condition and the legal owner come forward. Also, doing it this way didnt give you any right to own over National land. Many people think that the statute of limitations protect them after so many years, and it is true as long as the owner si not the Nation, or an ejido againt whom there is no statute of limitations protection.

 National land title

        The Mexican constitution in its 27 article order that any land inside the Mexico´s borders is NATIONAL PROPERTY and that the only way to take it form that ownership, is by buying it from the federal government and no other authority had or have the legal right to sell it or give it away, not even a judge or a governor or the proesident as a person.

          That mean, that every property in Mexico,property have to have a National land title at the butom of the property rights, and if you dont find one, the property still is National land, doesen´t matter if you find a Governor order or a judge rulling or a public notary anotation, nothig can take national land from Federal property but a sale from the agrarian department through a National land title of private property. that is always the base for the private property, if you dont find ono of those as the first anotation, it is owned by national land and not by the one who ry to sell it to you.

All this sound very logical and straight but for many many years people just went ahead ignoring those laws and just got the land and then sold it as it were private property, leaving problems for the future land property buyers. Just like a mined field for legal owners.

The sad part, is that almost all attorneys at law and public notaries ignore and keep ignoring those laws; even Estate governments wishing the problems to go away by ignoring them, hide those facts from investors; Title insurance?? just read the fine print and will see that they void any resposability in any of those cases.

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