Latinos in USA, send money to Mexico every month that pay 50 million dollars in commission every month.


TelePay is a public phone, vending machine, cash handler operator


 In USA, only 10% of the latino comunity use the traditional Banking System to handle and send money. 

The new bank offices.




ATelePay is actually operating 15,000 public smart phones in Mexico

Most of them FONTASTICOS, intelligent terminals, that customers can use to pay services and merchandise through our CAHSIN system.


Actually those are used to pay for Mexican services only, but in the near future and using our American partner company FORUS DEVELOPMENT Co. INC. a Nevada Corporation, we will start operating,  in 3 USA estates, California, Texas and Illinois where we will start giving the CASHIN service, to the PAISANO community; service they can use to deposit any amount of US money on any FONTASTIC public phone and send that money direct to any cell phone in Mexico to their families; money they can withdraw in pesos at any BANCOMER ATM and using only their cell phone number.

The banking system in the world is to eliminate the small banks and to reduce drastically the human attended bank offices to reduce costs.

The new World Bank system will be a few big banks with very few human attended offices and a huge number of omnipresent intelligent ATMs available to everybody.

TelePay is starting the future in Mexico with very basic services today, essencially the same sold by any convenience store like OXXO without the store costs, but we will expand those services, all the way to provide a bank terminal in every corner of every city of Mexico and USA, paying services, moving money from place to place and selling bank traditionally provided by formal banks in every corner.

We are the Banking System´s future already started.


Only 30% of Mexican people, have access to the banking system in Mexico.

50% of the Mexican economy work through cash and in an informal way without using the Banking System.