Buenaventura Hotel Hotel
     Buenaventura Beach, where the sky meet the sea, the ideal place to spend your golden years, walking the beach; where you everyday wake up looking at one of the most beautiful scenarios in the world.
     Buenaventura Hotel is a beach front private property, located at Km. 93.8 Interstate highway Loreto to Mulege on Bahia Concepcion, that belong to the city of Mulege South Baja Mexico.
    Just 20 minutes south of Mulege city, Where you can find one of the best preserved missions, over a desert river.
    A refuge from cyclone storms, with warm weather all year around, warm crystal clear sea water, with some of the most magnificent and pristine sea life alive, where you can catch clams and scallops with your bare hands just in front of the hotel.

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Area: 397-97-54 Has = 3´979,754 m2 =  983.415 Acres with private property  title.
With fully paid adjacent area: 5´271,256 m2 = 1302.551 Acres for future growing development.

Beach front = 5 ,000 m. = 16,404.15 ft.
Appraised value = USD$140´000,000.00
    Buenaventura Hotel is on the property and working since 1994.
    It is the only beach front hotel in Bahia Concepcion.
18 rooms, 2 Jr. suites, 2 Suites, 4 villas. located on Buenaventura beach with an area of 30,000 m2, adjacent to the Inter Estate highway and to the beach.
Actual Hotel
     Buenaventura hotel is in the process to grow from 25 rooms to 100 rooms to enter the charter business Most probable operated by a big international hotel chain. New hotel 100 rooms

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                                Buenaventura Hotel
                    How to get there and location:

Located beside the main Interstate highway, Km 93.8 Loreto to Mulege.
Distance to Loreto international airport = 93.8 Km = 58.284 miles.
Distance to Palo Verde local airport = 30 Km = 18.6 miles.

Distance to Santa Rosalia airport = 72 Km = 45 miles.
International flights San LA, San Diego to Loreto.
National Flights Hermosillo Son. to Santa Rosalia.
Ferry boat for cars and RVs every day to Guaymas Son.
Panoramic Bus to Tijuana San Diego border every hour at hotel door.
Panoramic Bus to Los Cabos every hour at hotel door.
Taxis to Mulege city or Loreto city or airport.
UTM coordinates Z12, 415759.77 m E, 2947216.12 m N
Astronomical coordinates 26 deg. 38’36.16” N, 111 deg. 50’47.04” W
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