This project started to deal with an environmental crisis, The sargassum arrival to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, where the sargassum was infesting the beautiful beaches, turning the turquoise blue water to dark pestilent brown, area with one of the best tourist industries and billions of dollars in investment.


 The problem started in 2011 and grew at an exponential rate, by 2018 it was clogging the beaches with dead pestilent sargassum while the usually blue waters were a pestilent brown soup, and the coral was turning white.

 The governments were totally unprepared to deal with the menace; Mexico bought 4 boats but they are able to catch just a fraction of 1% of the arrival, enough to protect some of the tourist beaches; even if you catch 100% the sargassum, the problem of disposing of the biomass persist and is an environmental problem by itself, because it decompose and contaminate the water table.


At the same time the XPRIZE CARBON REMOVAL goal, is to show the way to capture 10 GTonne of CO2 a year from the environment, stabilize it for one hundred years or more, to restrict the global warming to just 2 degrees by 2050.


When we discovered that both problems were related, we compared and found out that sargassum captures CO2 from the surface layer of the ocean in massive amounts because 53.23% of its biomass is composed of CO2; in 2021 the biomass was thirty-seven million tons, while by 2030 we by polynomic extrapolation, inferred, it will be 145 million Tons.


If we retire the whole biomass, we will be retiring from the environment in 2021 the amount of 27.635 million Tons of CO2 while in 2030 we will be retiring 108.3 million Tons of CO2, a method clearly a candidate to win that scientific tournament and acomplishable with simple technology.


At the same time, we have the global warming problem, discussed by the Paris accord, where scientists are advising us, that to avoid an environmental catastrophe, we must retire from the environment 10,000 million tons of CO2 every year, from now, to 2050, while we have to reduce to cero the CO2 emissions, just to diminish the environmental catastrophe, not even to reverse it.



 To evaluate the problem, of capturing 10,000 million tons of CO2, just think that the Khufu pyramid in Egypt weighs only 6.5 million tons. We need to capture CO2 weighting the same as 1538 Khufu pyramids, store that mass for one hundred years, do it every year for 30 years and do it as cheap as possible, that is the goal.

That is not an easy goal and some say an impossible goal, so massive that we think that to build giant machines to capture the CO2 are the impossible part of the problem, not that the goal is impossible, also it is just one-half of the problem, because then we must store it in a safe way for one hundred years.


Building huge machines to capture it form the atmosphere or sea, would be repeating nature´s way of doing the same task, because Nature does it with the sargassum, storing it in its biomass, then it sends it to the deep ocean to be stashed away for one thousand years.


Sargassum is a massive CO2 capturing machine, one that can double its capacity in 18 days with no cost, no maintenance, no labor, no depreciation and consuming no energy beside the one it captures from the sun; no fuel but the nutrients we are discarding on the rivers.


Nature retire CO2 that way when it needs, the problem with that, arises because with the carbon, sargassum take away double the oxygen atoms in the CO2 and when it stores it in the deep ocean, it depletes the sea´s oxygen and the whole sea dies, taking with it, all the marine species; then we cannot do it nature’s way either, at least not exactly.


It looks like  we are doomed, but we are intelligent and have a way to do it, we just have to change and adapt, because we don´t want to go quietly in to the extinction night; we cannot fail because if we do, the climate will change in a way that may imitate what happened 400 million years ago, when 85% of the species did not survive the changes and it all started the same way, a global warming and then an algal bloom that depleted the ocean´s oxygen and we are now starting that process.


We found out a solution to the immposible problems; with the NASA satellite images, we observed that that the algal bloom, start in Africa, Sierra Leona pointing at the Shebro river´s delta, where a big amount of nutrients are being discharged to the ocean; at the same time, the US Geological Survey points to a worsening situation in West Africa, where more than 80% of the Upper Guinean Forest was lost in the first 75 years of the 20th century and continues to face deforestation, to turn the land to agriculture for food, that uses fertilizers that end up at the ocean and are carried north, by the sea current.


Then it join the Sherbro’s river nutrients and change direction west to America; the nutrients coming from where a few years ago, the jungle flourished and now ere human food farming businesses; At the same time, the global warming on the Sahara desert, fuel major dust storms that end up at the Atlantic Ocean, giving those waters minerals in big amounts.


Now we have on our hands, the perfect storm, because the minerals plus the nutrients and the sun, are just the ideal soup, for the sargassum to bloom and it doubles its biomass every 18 days, growing at an increasing rate every year the same rate as deforestation and will be growing if we dont stop and correct, until it clogs the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Sea, turning the whole ocean into a brown pestilent soup, with no oxygen and then all the sea life will end, followed by the human race who caused the global warming.


Sargassum is a problem but it is our solution also, because it is composed of 81.850% polymers and 53.23% by weight is CO2, Carbon and Oxygen and when you retire sargassum from the environment, you retire the CO2; it is a big problem but it is also a big solution that will save us the building and cost of capturing the CO2 in colosal amounts.


When you capture the sargassum, you accomplish one-half the CO2 XPRIZE CARBON REMOVAL © Elon Musk foundation goal, and you are on your way to accomplish the Paris accord goals and because of that, we applied to compete on that international tournament as Carbon Dynamics along with 1000s of international teams.



If capturing the CO2 will not be easy, the other condition is the difficult one, because to store away the CO2, you have to store it away from the ocean and the atmosphere and it has to stay secure for 100 years or more and those amounts of mass are impossible to hide or put underground or compress it or fill some huge hole with it, because if you try to fill the Grand Canyon with it, it would be filled to the brim by 2030. When you want to store away something that huge, you must do it in plain sight, and better if you put it in something valuable


We will do it, by subjecting the Sargassum to Hydrodepolimerization to crack it in to monomers and then rearming the monomers in to valuable polymers turning it into plastics, plastics that are useful and will serve us for those 100 years or more, capturing the carbon dioxide away safely; we will just have to recycle it 99.9% instead of the 5% we recycle today, and that takes global education by all of us, together; accepting that we cannot throw away plastics, not one time use, not permanent use plastic, all of the plastics have to be recycled, and that is the only way to save us, not the planet, because Earth will survive the same as 400 million years ago, then an integral part of the prolem´s solution, is to recicle plastics since we are going to put away the CO2 in to plastics and we dont want it cloging the oceans either.


The planet, with us or not, will continue; to stay we have to control ourselves, to adapt to new conditions we ourselves created, and when we manipulate the climate and make it do what is in our own convenience, it will be the first time humanity will be in control, until a big catastrophic event come and raise havoc we cannot control, but that will not be our doing.

The other problem is to create an entity that do it permanently over politics and frontiers, and to accomplish it, we have to turn all this in to a business, because it is the only way to keep doing it for more than 100 years and that is what we will do.

Looks like humanity, when facing extinction, we are also given intelligence and that give us technology that is giving us the way to survive; mother earth at the last minute, when we can no longer eat her up anymore, because by doing it, we are also destroying our planet, give us the way to continue growing without limit, it give us the way to have the whole universe.


The technology to turn CO2 to Starch and from starch to food or plastics or biofuel, give us the way to continue growing without destroying nature; this technology gives us the way to eat direct from CO2 and the way to continue building our technology without the need to destroy plants to do it.Science 2021

Yes our intelligence gives us the solution, but we need to adapt, to change our ways and we need to do it in time. Talking about the problem is not the solution, arguing and finger pointing will not solve the problem, we need to adapt our way of conducting our lives and business or perish, not in a distant future, it may be just in 30 years.

Rafael Muñoz Martinez. - CEO

Rafael Alejandro Muñoz Pérez. - Administration and finances.

Dr. Ing. Daniel Martinez Bazua.-  Technical and scientific adviser.

Mag. Lic. Miguel Angel Turlay Guerrero   Legal advisor

Mirza Elizabeth Muñoz Perez  Business relations and visual arts.

Haydee Verónica Nava Vázquez  Public and environmental relations

Agustín Sánchez  Ing. Automatization, electronics and robotics

Ing Gabriel Martinez Portilla    systems and  webmaster

Ing. Uriel Merlin Saldaña

Chemical eng.


This is the historic time when our species pass the extinction test, can we change? or we cannot and will be one of the millions of species that did not survive because we were unable to change.


 Now we need to suddenly stop destroying nature, stop killing the animals, stop discarding the products of our technology, like plastics, we need to become an orderly species that recycle everything we produce just to be able to survive.


Now we don’t have to carry with us plants to eat them when we thavel to space, now we can stop at any rock in space and collect CO2 to eat, we just became an species that can eat in space, we will not need plants to eat, but we will certainly need them to breath and have a beautiful home, full of companion species.


Now we need to ACT to answer this question, we can no longer just talk and keep destroying nature because we get money for destroying it, while the rest just talk and get the money; Biocarbon Dynamics, had the ideas and solution, we will fund it and start collecting the sargassum and make the buiness, then we will plant the trees necesary to acomplish the pharaonic goal making a forestry busines; it will not cost other people or any government, but we need every human, educated or not, rich or poor, every one need to recycle the plastics and stop destroying nature, we can not do it alone for you, we need every human to cooperate. Beliving that rino horn dust is a miracle, is killing all of us then we need to manage our beliefs also to respect nature.


With the plastics revenue, we will plant 60 lots measuring 50x50 km with Kiri trees, each one of them will retire 1 Giga Ton of CO2 from the atmosphere, then we will inject the wood with plastic, to crate a new durable building material that will last 100 years.

 We need to change, but we need to include all of us, not only the intellectuals; the low income people of the world, need to change too and they will not change, if we don’t give them a decent way to earn a living without destroying earth to eat  and get warm; they are far from us, but they are the guardians of our climate, air and water. That is why we need every human being to cooperate and stop destroying earth, it will not be enough with some of us, we need all of us.




Charles Darwin.

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