Playa Encantada origins is a national Land based on the National land declaration 1952

National land sale File: 509382

Area: 16-00-00 Has = 160,000 m2

Legal Owner: Jesus O. Covarrubias Almeida.

Legal Private property state: Paid fully to the nation, private property granted, reamining only to issue National Land title



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Payment to the nation

This document represent the paid bill to the National Land Office belonging to the Federal Government; originally under the name Maria Elizabeth Espinoza Montaño who later sold the rights to the actual owner.


The actual official document describing the lot vertix by vertix

Lot Photo

This is an aerial photo for the whole lot.

File completion

National land office Ocupation authorization.

Certificado de inafectabilidad agraria

This document is a property title recognizing the owneship by the Agrarian department and forbiding an ejido from affecting this land.