International Commerce


Representation, operation and sales

Forus Development company Inc., a Nevada corporation

Incorporated since 1994, is the Munoz Industries strong arm in the United States of America and Canada, directed by CEO MBA Rafael Alexander Munoz a Merketing graduated professional and international Market specialist.
Its main activity is to represent all the businesses generated by Munoz Industries in USA and Canada, while merchandising the technological products created by Ultrasensorial in Mexico.

Our Mexican Paisanos, send to Mexico over USD$1,000´000,000.00 a month and pay a USD$50 million dollars in comissions a month.


Forus act as a link between Munoz Industries and the international market



Forus will operate the cash handling machines in 3 estates, California, Texas and Illinois, using our propietary software CASHIN that will allow our PAISANOS to send money to Mexico 24/7 in any small amount and without steping in to a bank.

Forus will maintain the money handling machines, collect the money several times a day, deposit the money in a bank, send the daily electronic transfer to Mexico to Grupo Empresarial CUGAG S.A. de C.V, and CUGAGwill pay any service in Mexico or deposit to any recipient in every city in Mexico.

Grupo Empresarial CUGAG S.A. de C.V:, on receiving the money instruction, will pay services or deposit in to the cell phone numbered account in Bancomer where the recipient can collect the money 24/7 in any Bancomer ATM in any one of Mexico´s cities.   416 West San Ysidro boulevard, Suite L, PMB 576, San Ysidro Ca. Z.C. 92173-2494CFT