Frequent Questions

How much me I invest in a property?

You can invest as low as $10,000.00 US Dollars, but since the full external investment is USD$1´000,000.00 we will have to reunite an investment group and it may take a couple of weeks to start, anyway you only have to deposit a check while we start your investment, redeemable only when we sign the contracts to start. If you invest the full 1 million dollars, we start the same day.

When do I recover my money with the earnings?

You will have notice that we finished the legalization and a copy of the property title, then the registry process starts and when it is finished, we send you every document backing the property, topographical maps, land usage authorization, Federal zone concession. At that point we stop and consult with you the options and see if you have also some; with your authorization and after you review the deals, we send the land for sale or in a shared risk enterprise for development; if it is sold, as soon as the property is sold, you collect you share fully, no cost or administration charges; only the real cost for the professionals who sold it and the public notary; you deal with your own taxes if any have to be paid. If it is given for a shared risk enterprise, you will collect your earnings when the enterprise pays the investors; of course, a lot more than a simple land sale.

What LEGAL documentation will support my investment?

All and every contract will be signed with a public notary and in case of foreign nationals, with an American public notary using Forus development Co. as a cosigner responsible; your investment will always be protected by insurance based in Real Estate ALREADY owned by us.

What level of earnings me I expect?

We only apply our methods to beach front real estate in side the tourist corridors, no future values here, only actual and easy to sell land; you invest the 2 million dollars of a 50% fraction of that; the full 1 million dollar will be entitled to earn 50% of the sale price for the land; The smallest value lot we accept, is $75´000,000.00 but it may be a 500 million dollars lot; the 1 million dollars will be entitled to 50% of the full price minus sales cost; no administration or other costs and any cost will be aproved by the investor prior to expenditure.

Whow long will I have to wait to recover if we setle for a sale?

Usually, it will take us only a few months to fully legalize the land and a couple of months to register it; after that, it is sales time and it depends on the amount we are asking for the lot, if it is 500 million dollars, it will certify take longer than a 75 million dollars lot, but certainly you will be on top of anything done and you will be able to negotiate together with us; as everything, if we accept a lower price, it will take less time than if we want the full value price; but that is negotiation and you will be part of it. When we sell it, you come out of the public notary with your full check. Usually it takes 2 years maximum for a full sale, but it depends of how much we ask and how long it takes for the sale and due diligence; the sale is done via a Bank or real estate international business at your or our discretion.

Do you have ready land lot buyers for the lots?

Yes, we fully legalize the lot, then register it and then we get all the city and federal permits; then we give it to BANCOMER for exclusive sale and they have a list of ready developers who will buy the land; then BANCOMER will fund the development; in case we decide to participate in the shared risk enterprise, we do the same and give it to BANCOMER for their clients and we together with the developer get funded by BANCOMER to develop the land lot; of course we will have to wait for the earnings, but the earnings will be several times what we earn in a land sale and the taxes will also be lower; then you can sell your share as in any company or keep the shares and earn forever.

why dont you doit alone?


In fact, we did it, up to the point we have to sell one of the lots or be part of a shared risk enterprise and we are doing it right now with our lots. To be able to finish the other 7, we need capital and that is why we are accepting investments.