Fuentes de San Angel


Is a property, in the best part of Mexico city, Jardines del Pedregal has been for decades one of the expensive neighborhoods in Mexico city, just beside the main artery that is Ruiz Cortines Boulevard also known as Periferico Sur, Just beside first quality commercial buildings and some of the most expensive neighborhoods Jardines del Pedregal and Jardines de la Montaña.


Private property based on a National title, the best of the private property titles, issued by the federal government as private property, issued 1994; this property has its registry roots all the way to 1889 from the La Fama Montañosa, a nascent 20 century industry.

  Ready to invest on clear title issued by the nation with all the federal government behind to guarantee private property.

This is the culmination to a very long legal and official procedure, the national Land title, issued by the Federal Government as the first private property document.


This is the best and indubitable private property proof, registered in all the public registries as a public private property proof.

  This mean, that the actual owner bought the property from the Federal government, giving solid legal grounds to foreign investment.

The National Land title is registered in 3 public registries, The National land disincorporation public registry, the Agrarian Public Registry and the city public registry.


In order to have a completely legal private property able to give base to investment, the property have to have a clear title and the title giving ground to this property is the best private property title, issued directly by the Federal Government.


In 1889 The La Fama Montañosa Title was issued against the prevailing laws, with 4,300 Has. Area; illegal because the law forbid since before the title the sale of more than 2,500 Has to any one person; it was bought and sold during the 20 century until the actual owner, together with the void title legal rights owner, got together and obtained the National land title, making legal the property that is now based in a legal title.

history Our legal historical department, make investigations on the roots of any land acquired by Munoz Industries that go back to 1825.     based in a 15 years possesion proof, the actual national land title holder abtained the National Land title, the he got together with Inigo Someller who had the legal rights to the void title, and together recognized that the National Land title is the one and only private property title, burring any legal controversy shadow and legalizing fully the property.