Ultrasesorial Research and Development A.C

What will we get in return for humanity?


What will we get for humanity in return for this investment?

The total investment is USD450´000,000.00 (Four and fifty hundred million) dollars.

In 10 years we will directly apply:

  •  USD$115´100,000.00 dollars on Prices for an idea.

  • USD$283´000,000.00 dollars on inventions.

  • USD$ 73´920,000.00 dollars in education.

  • USD$111´840,000.00 dollars in investigations.

A total of                   USD$583´860,000.00 Dollars total a 30% more than the initial investment

Wages                                                                              USD$ 57´960,000.00 dollars. that will spread in the community

We will have spent a total of                                         USD$717´070,000.00 dollars.

At that time, we will still have the institute, the land, the equipment renewed, with new tools and equipment, ready to generate the same amount for the next 10 years and to perpetuity.

Those are directly appreciable income and benefits sources, But the investigations will generate benefits that cannot be measured in dollars, it will generate new industries and propitiate new inventions; if the Apollo program taught us something, it is that investigations in new technologies generate an exponential grow in jobs and richness for the whole community.

The transportation branch, will surely generate income to the institute, but it will promote an economical growth to the whole area that cannot be shown or directly appreciated in dollars.

The Solar electric generation, will also generate income to the institute, but it will promote an economical growth to the whole area that cannot exist without it.

The water availability will also allow businesses that would not have existed without it.

The waste water and solid waste reclamation will dispose of the civilization´s by product in a nonpolluting way, protecting the environment and allowing man to coexist with nature without destroying it.

The money invested in inventions, also generate some income to the institute, but it will generate a lot more to the inventors and that money will also generate a lot of richness in the community and industry growth that will generate many jobs and those jobs will generate richness to the whole nation.

We are directly generating 133 direct jobs, 600 indirect jobs, while the effect of those jobs on the inventions and whole new industries generated by those jobs will be an estimated 50,000 induced jobs that would not have existed without the investment.

Those are expected results calculated on a worst case scenario, managing only 200 inventions per month, but if we start generating richness for the inventors and investigators, word will spread and we will have a growth far superior to the one shown on this project, and the numbers may be staggering, and also the social impact.

All those factors will also benefit the institute, because promoting the area growth in value, will also generate an increase in the institute land value, that may allow us to create new income sources if needed to increase the growth speed. Our initial land cost is USD$56´486,000.00 but once the development is under way the land value of USD$9.50 dollars/m2 will soar to an expected USD$200.00 dlls./m2 in just 5 years, and increase in value of 21 times the invested amount to USD$1,189´,185,457.60, more than double the initial investment just from this concept in just 5 years.

All those factors will have never existed without the initial investment.

PRICES FOR AN IDEA.- This program will award cash prices for every productive idea that inventors provide to solve a problem proposed to the institute by industry or universities; this program will motivate many people in universities or teaching positions or even employees to generate ideas that will benefit industry.

INVENTIONS.- This investment will be on invent development and is the main  institute activity; we know that only 1 in 10 ideas proposed will be accepted by the institute, and only 1 one those 10 accepted will reach the global market as a winner product. The 9 ideas that will not reach the global market would have generated an investment that will not be recuperated, but that risk if not taken, will forbid the finding of the 1 in 100 winner product; an invention that would not have created any benefit; our non for profit philosophy instead of the private investor profit way of thinking is what will allow that invention to exist and enrich our civilization.

EDUCATION.- When we find very gifted people, that cannot study in the best schools, just because he or she doesn’t have the needed money to pay for education, that potential goes to waste and that mind will not create what it may have created if it was educated in the best schools. Then, we will invest in those very gifted people on the only condition that they stay in Mexico part of their professional careers and as advisors to the institute; keeping the gifted people to create in Mexico, hopefully working for us.

INVESTIGATIONS.- There are many investigators that have ideas and know how to advance science and technology, but cannot find an university or institute to investigate his area of research; then have to emigrate to other countries that have facilities to give them the place to do research and develop his ideas; we will provide those conditions for some of those peoples with the only condition that they publish their work and give the institution part of the credit.