Munoz Industries History and experience


We started As an expert witnesses for the Mexican courts, Grupo de Ingenieros Asociados del Nor oeste S.A. de C.V.,  GIANSA, a Mexican corporation; the founder Daniel Martinez Chavira, Master in Enginnering, invited his cousin, Rafael Munoz Martinez, with professional studies in Physics and Mathematics, Electromechanical engineering, computer systems and civil engineering and who later studied Mexican law, who started Munoz Industries; clearly multidisciplinary innovators; Mr. Munoz, is the owner of a very valuable beach front lot in Baja California, that got caught in legal problems, being claimed by an Ejido in the Coastal strip between Tijuana and Ensenada, just a 15 minutes’ drive south of the California border with USA; he solved it as he knew, scientifically and with scientific investigations, only applied to history and the law; he made his investigation go as far as 1825 where he found the fault, the ejido was a fraud and he was set to demonstrate it in court; he got his company and a group of civil engineers and attorneys at law and started the investigation and at the same time, registered as expert witnesses for the federal courts; they started to destroy the rhetoric accepted in court up to that time and sustained by the Estate and other expert witnesses, making most of them retire or be prosecuted for falsehood before the courts; they were not there to be bribed as the others, they were there to win and they did it .

After he solved his own case, he found himself being asked to do the same for hundreds of people in the same bad spot against a fraudulent ejido.

He started and directed the Tijuana to Ensenada Binational counsel to help all those people and at the same time he acquired a newspaper in bankruptcy, ABC of Baja California, starting to publish all he had investigated; court cases started to be won and the word spread while he wrote article after article in his newspaper until it was one of the most read in Baja, citing the articles even in court cases. Even the USA consulate started to consult with them.

Somebody was helping the land owners against the fraudulent ejido, colluded with the Estate authorities; The big players, the coastal land developers were in the same problem, being subjected to extortion by the fraudulent ejido, backed by the estate authorities and even federal authorities; the battle started to be political.

Mr. Munoz. just played the game and was nominated for the Mexican Senate elections 2000 to represent Baja California; he lost because massive amounts of money were poured against him and the estate, tried to prosecute him also, but the cases in court were being won and the word was out, to the American buyers, who started not to buy and the Coastal real estate business came to a halt in Baja.

Today there are hundreds of legal battles to be won, while the estate government that started against them, now after 20 years of losing in courts, is turning and now understand and ask GIANSA and Munoz Industries to correct the land legality in that area and we will help them, but now we are doing it on a national level.

We went to Mexico’s hart, Mexico city and started to apply the same medicine and got the same results up until now.




Pacific ocean federal zone Tijuana Ensenada, Federal courts and agrarian courts Professional expert witnesses, Also we made a  study for SRA for the Baja Coast property legalization and based on those studies that reached as far back as 1825,Then a study for Tijuana coastal region; wining the most controversial cases against Ejidos in Baja California, Examples: Castillos del Mar, El Oasis, CFE and 5th battalion Army base against old inexistent titles, we are still taking and wining similar cases. We advised the USA Tijuana Consulate on the case American owners in Punta Banda against a National land title; our advice was to settle the case out of court; the USA consulate going against our advice, accepted the Baja Governor´s advice and went to court, losing the case for 100 American owners who lost their houses; on the Castillos del mar development against Ejido Mazatlan case, accepted our advice, went to court and won in all courts up to superior court case; the American embassy in Mexico city recognized our wining advise.

ABC newspaper


As Co director and owner for the ABC newspaper, we got 2 national journalistic awards for the publishing of a series of articles related to the coast land strip between Tijuana and Ensenada BC, { Cronica de una feaude a la Nacion} and { the 250 pages serie La Verdadera Historia de Rosarito}



Planning, construction and operation of Hotel Buenaventura in Bahia Concepcion, south Baja, Mexico; our first land legalization to reach the fully legalized status; the hotel was built in 1994 and still in operation while the full development, with a land development plan is waiting for capital investment. We acquired it for MN$4´664,667.00 pesos, about USD$4,664.00 dollars, with an actual value over USD$225´000,000.00 US dollars.

Grupo Empresarial CUGAG S.A. de C.V.


This Mexican corporation that fully belong to Munoz Industries group, acquired the legal rights for a land lot in Mexico city, in court since 1979, on Periferico Sur 3380, with 19000 m2 bordering one of the main highways in Mexico city, considered one of the best lots in the city; after legalization, we are finishing the acquisition and planning for full development and accepting investors. We acquired it in 2007 for MN$50´000,000.00 pesos, about USD$5´000,000.00 US Dollars, actual value USD$100´000,000.00 US Dollars.

Forus Development Co. inc.


This Nevada corporation, incorporated since 1998 in Nevada, manages the USA representation for Munoz Industries, fully belonging to Munoz Industries since 2007, directed by Alex Munoz with marketing degree and marketing specialty.

Fuentes de San Angel


Munoz Industries, acquired the right for this Mexico city lot with 790,000 m2 on the prestigious Jardines del Pedregal in one of the best commercial areas in Mexico city; it was court case since 1907; we acquired it in 2016 and acquired the national land title, fully legalizing the property in 2017, we are in the planning phase for development in to one of the best commercial districts in Mexico city, We acquired it for MN$109,000.00 pesos, about USD$09.00 dollars, with today value over USD$500´000,000.00 dollars, also accepting investors.

Sol Luna hotel lot in Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico


Munoz Industries acquired this property fully in 2016 and fully legalized it in 2017 with all the public federal and local registries; it is located in the Cancun hotel area named as the Cancun golden strip, with 607 mts beach front and 40 to the highway Cancun to Puerto Morelos, just beside the Royalton Rivera Maya development; we acquired it for MN$14´320,655.00 old pesos in 1994, approximately USD$1,400.00 Dlls. with a value today of USD$285´000,000.00 dollars.

Mama Quita beach front lot


Munoz Industries acquired this land 500,000 m2 lot in 1994, fully legalized in 2016, together with Buenaventura the two lots were the flag ships in the legal battle for legalization; once those lots proved the National land ownership, the procedure became stablished and easy, at least for Munoz Industries. We acquired it for MN$134,000.00 pesos, about USD$134.00 Dlls. with today value over USD$75´000,000.00 Dollars. With 5000 mts. beach front and natural marina.


Today we have several land lots fully legalized and ready for sale or development, our capital grows since 1986 has exploded recently as follow:


Value  in USA dollars

As you can see, our experience period was long, but as soon as we proved our legal point, the results started to come fast, we now have 3 properties, fully adding value to our total valuation, but we have another 10 to follow the same path, an already legally proved path.

Now, as we exhausted our own liquid capital, learning and legalizing the first 3 properties that increased our value by 10,000, we can continue by selling, but to sell one of those properties may take some time and we need capital to continue the way we are doing and we are willing to share in our growth with select investors.

We don’t hide how hard or how long it took, we are open at all times to inform or show how the business is going and how fast and why (We don’t hide anything from our investors). If you invest in a property, we assure your investment with the properties we already have, that way you cannot lose.

At the start, we were a $100,000 Dlls company, with a land lot in deep legal problems gainst the governmeent and their asociates; we risked our own capital, making historical investigations, we found something that everybody had ignored and more than ignored, they were hiding the facts, we found it, we proved it on court at our expense and now we are the only ones who have all the information and how to do it; we have more information that a secretary of state and they know it; they no longer fight us in court and that mean, it is time to lift the harvest. That is why we need investors willing to invest in finishing what took years to create, and even initiate new ones, we can continue as long as we have valued lots to legalize and believe me, there are hundreds in Mexico and I mean, hundreds that are worth the work and investment; we don´t invest in out of the way lots or with future value, we only take the ones with actual value and that we are able to sell immediately.

We invest US$4´000,000.00 dollars now to fully legalize a property and we take a maximum of one year; we offer to share the investment 50% for 50% the property as co-owners and if you can manage the property better than us, be our guest and do it; we are in the same business, earn money through hard workapplied knoledge and investment; all in a completely legal and clear way.