A company without innovation will not survive the first 50 years


Our original expertise was legal and civil engineering, we are now innovating on:

1.   Material science,

2.   Energy generation,

3.   Sea water desalination

4.   Hydroponics

5.- Aerospace

1.- Materials science Graphene

We are developing new methods to produce Graphene and Graphene oxide and from those materials. all the derivates possible.

We developed a variation of the 1953 exfoliation method; originally it used reactive that used strong chemicals that generated explosive products, making the process dangerous and in need of highly controlled chemical reactions that made the method dangerous, non-environmentally friendly and expensive.

Then came a modified method that corrected several problems but had a low efficiency problem and still was not environmentally friendly.

Ours is a very modified and corrected method of modified method.; we get several times more graphene oxide than the modified method for the same amount of reactive and obtain the result a lot faster, more environmentally friendly because the sub products recombine to water while the quality is high for Graphene oxide and reduced graphene.


We were in the metal´s era, metals will be relegated to history as stone was; we are entering the carbon´s allotropes  era.

Graphene is many times stronger than steel, several times lighter than steel, a lot better conductor than gold, cheaper than dirt, but now, difficult to make in bulk and difficult to shape in the shapes we need.

Graphene oxide, on the other hand, is easy to transport, shape and handle and then, easy to turn in to reduced Graphene, RG


We now have a propietary method to create Graphene Oxide (GO) fully scalable

At this time we are able to produce owr own Graphene and Graphene oxide, but we are working with a company from India,
who has the production capability to mass produce our products while we are able to mercandise their productos in North and LaTIN America.

2.- Energy Generation alternate sources


2.1.- Eolic

We are developing new ways to extract energy from the wind, vertical with few moving parts, exploiting new simulation technologies.  

2.2.- Liquid wave