Ultrasesorial Research and Development A.C



  • “It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that

  • survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

·     Ingenuity is one of the most prominent of humanity´s features.

·     Throughout human history, inventions and knowledge, the product of human ingenuity, have been lost several times, some for malicious intention, ignorance, and collateral destruction, fail to record it in a durable medium or by religious fanatics.

·     These losses have delayed human prosperity and may limit our ability to survive.

·     If we can save this ingenuity from being lost or delayed or destroyed, we are advancing humanity and we may actually be saving ourselves from extinction.



The Other Immigrants: Mexican Brain Drain to the United States

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The most humanitarian act is to give a person a well paid job, allowing him to sustain a happy life for his family, while letting him develop his creativity and leave his legacy for his descendants.




    Mexico is the 10Th most powerful economy in the world but 34 on Research and development investment.

         Mexico is the 7th country in the world, in number of professional people lost to other countries, according the OCDE in 2012, 11.2 Million people have left Mexico to work in other countries, from those, 867,000 with a profession, or master degree or PHD degree. It is estimated by The newspaper El Economista, that every year, Mexico losses 10,000 Million Dollars because of the brain drain and their studies to other countries; over 1/3 of Mexican PHD graduated live and work in the U.S.A.

         In Mexico´s CONACYT only help inventors and entrepreneurs with small amounts and forcing on them heavy red tape conditions, so heavy that make them fail.

    Mexico´s Private investors do not invest in startups and when they do, is only based on cash flux from other businesses as collateral, then take a big equity chunk and not even real estate is good enough for them as collateral.

   Big and small Universities in Mexico do penalize creativity, have tremendous red tape and do only marginal Research and development, publishing less than Bangladesh or Turkey. (Read Scientific American October 2013 on Mexico´s R&D click to read page 62).

       Private industry in Mexico practically does not innovate, don´t change instruments or machinery until it is long obsolete and ask for government protection to cover the lack in innovation and R&D, importing almost everything technological.

   Most inventors in Mexico, lack any direction, funding or technical support and have to immigrate to other countries to develop their inventions, but most, just get despaired and quit inventing and the invention gets invented in other country later.

   Mexico has some of the most competent entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, but most emigrate or get buried in the universities red tape, while industry do not believe in Mexicans for technology improvement or equipment; in contrast, we have the biggest billionaire in the World, Carlos Slim Elu, whos company is now transnational and left Mexico as base.

    IPN has some extremely brilliant engineers who have created innovating technologies, like translucent cement, conducting cement, but that technology is being used to make garden furniture and the inventors are almost broke while the best offer they got from CEMEX for their inventions was USD$200,000.

   Color TV, translucent cement, the Mendoza (Tomson) submachinegun, high temperature superconductors and many other technologies were researched or invented in Mexico, but flourished in other countries for lack of support and funding in Mexico.

    Mexico is going back in innovation and socially, instead of advancing, giving away to drug dependence, violence and organized crime, while maintaining some of the lowest wages in the world for engineers, scientists and workers in general.

    Mexico cannot invest anymore in electrical infrastructure or alternate energy sources while electrical demand went over supply since 2007 and is importing everything concerning alternate energy sources.

   Mexico Desperately need support for Mexican inventors, so they can stay and generate goods in Mexico, generating new industries that will create jobs and in Mexico, and if those inventors are not kept in Mexico, the jobs will be developed in other countries and Mexicans will have to migrate to get a job and we mean the inventors and the people who didn´t find a job in Mexico because of that.

Up to day Advances:

We have managed to secure land in an area that will have explosive development in the very near future and will increase in price exponentially, an area that today lack any electrical infrastructure and is in great need for environmental protection.

We have a letter of intent to buy from us electricity utility under the New Mexican energy law, from the hotels and development that surround our land.


Well paid satisfied people, do not get involved in drug dependence, violence or poverty practices or go abroad.

We shall not stop progress but we must clean it.


Way of action

When an inventor has an idea, he have to make a model to prove his concept and that process cost money, that most inventors don’t have, SO THEY HAVE TO ASK FOR MONEY.

It is known, that USA´s inventors, fail a few times before succeeding, while the American investors, take the risk of failure and just walk away when an idea fail, no penalty to the inventor.

In contrast in Mexico, the investors are very scarce, the few existing, are adverse to risk and they do not invest, they make a loan, collateralizing the loan to inventors and in case of failure, the inventor losses his property, is branded as a failure, reporting him to other potential investors so he cannot again get an investment, practically leaving him broke.

In case of a good idea, they take the lion´s share and relegate the inventor to almost nothing or just buy 100% of the rights at pennies on the dollar.

The consequences of this way of action that is being allowed by the government and lack of funding, direction and support from the government we have now in lack of innovation and patents granted to Mexicans.

To correct that severe problem, we created a non for profit Civil Association dedicated to make available research and development for Mexican entrepreneurs and inventors but not limited to Mexicans, providing them with all the technical expertise, machine tools, modern material, modern fabrication systems and scientific laboratories needed to bring their raw ideas, to a well-developed and proved concept, ready for industry and able to be sold to the global market.

When an invention fail, event that will occur 50% of the time; we will take the risk of loss, protecting the inventor and allowing them to try again with the same concept or other.

When an invention prove a good idea and advance to ¨proved concept¨ status, then it will be adapted to fabrication methods to make it cheaper and bring scale economy and then packaging and delivery strategies developed to be able to market it on a global scale.

To be able to perform that service to perpetuity, we are giving the institute, means to sustain itself forever, doing its humanitarian action without any further help; those means will make the institute auto sufficient secure and able to not contaminate the environment near of far away.


We will start a trend in Mexico toward innovation, creativity reward and Research and development of new ideas, expecting to start a wave like the one that created Silicon Valley.

Letting flourish ideas that any other way, would have been forgotten or developed in other countries, without any richness creation in Mexico.

We will create well paid direct jobs for entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, who will create whole new industries, creating exponential number of well paid jobs.

We will save the product of Mexican ingenuity that up to now have been going to waste or going to other countries, leaving Mexico in poverty and in organized crime hands.

           To do its job, the institution has to have all the material means that an inventor need to perfect his invention, adapt it to be manufactured and sold to the global market in a competitive way,

·           That indispensable service cost money, need tools, professional advice on materials and fabricating technologies, scientific instruments, need a place to work.

·           We are giving the institute a branch that will be in charge of generating income sufficient to sustain and maintain a planned growth for perpetuity, allowing it to continue do its humanitarian function and example in to the future; this branch will exploit several self-sustaining businesses:

ELECTRICITY PROVIDER 5 MW from solar multi junction concentrated solar cells, selling electricity service in the area, to adjacent hotels and tourist complexes that are at this time being developed, while we already have secured the sale from the neighboring development, we will offer the service to the whole area, area that at this time lacks any electric service, generating annual revenue of USD$5´764,859.02 average dlls/year profit.

FRESH WATER PROVIDER obtained from the sea by reverse osmosis or other new cheaper means sold at no profit price as a service and development motivator to the area.

WATER reclamation from the sewage generated by us and other developments by means of Thermal-Hydro-De polymerization that will turn sewage and garbage in to oil, clean water and money-making products with no pollution or residuals sold at no profit price as a service and development motivator to the area.

A park, concentric with 80 commercial shops concentric with a street in the middle with 64 houses for rent on the side of the interstate highway and near the beach USD$3´000,000 dlls/year profit.

Gas Station, auto parts, tire replacement with vehicle maintenance facilities for rent. USD$500,000 dlls/year profit.

One star Motel with 84 rooms that will also serve to house any imnventor that has to stay. USD$2´147,000 dlls/year profit.

On every successful invention perfected at the institution, we will ask from the inventor for a share participation on profits, asking only for a share, big enough (5-15%) to recover from the risk of failed ideas, building damages, equipment age, damages and obsolescence, never for profit.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: 3 hovercraft giving transportation service to:

o    Mexicali, Tijuana      to      San Felipe

o    San Felipe                  to      Bahia Gonzaga

o    Bahia Gonzaga          to      Bahia de los Angeles

o    Bahia de los Angeles to     Santa Rosalia

o    Santa Rosalia             to     Bahia Concepcion

o    Bahia Concepcion     to     La Paz

o    Bahia Concepcion     to     Guaymas

This operation will be provided by a hovercraft type operating on Surface effect VELOCITY 90 - 9000 Single Deck and flying only at 50 ft. over the sea or desert.

This service will have several impacts, it will increase the institute property value an average of 4% just because of this service, it will bring tourism to an area now too expensive to visit and provide the institute with an income source of USD$3´261,506.21 dlls/year profit.

Today, those destinations are simply not serviced by any airline and suffer from bad economic conditions because of that, they have high tourism potential but no infrastructure.

We will give service to places that don´t have a formal airport or commercial aerial service, we can land on any bay and unload on any beach or pier, offsetting the Baja lack of infrastructure.

At this time, the bus cost to all those places cost about USD$159.00 dollars full one way trip to Los La Paz Estate capital, a 24 hour trip, and we can give the same service for only a bit over that price, but offering a 8 hour trip while servicing serval coastal towns that now get no service.

·           Offering those services and rentals, we will provide the Institute with at perpetuity income that will allow the institute to provide the service at perpetuity without any further help or investment.

·           This for profit branch will never sell institute property as a founding condition, it will only manage the income and sell services, never forgetting that it is a cash generator for a good goal only and not for richness itself, maintaining a less than 5% administration costs.

Terms & Cond  Today, Mexico´s talent and inventions go to waste, go to other countries to be developed and do not give Mexico any benefit.

Hover flight explanation press on pictures





Sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant.

Waste water and solid rejects recycling plant HDP to recycle 100% of the waste water and solids with absolutely no pollutants or residual.

Area of 5´945,927.288 m2 = 19´507,635.459 Sqf. with 954 mts. beach front

3 Hovercrafts to be exploited for Institute economical maintenance.

40 tourist class houses for rent.

178 garden front commerces for rent 150 m2 each.

5 MW multy junction concentrated 2 axis oriented photocell generation operation, for institute and energy sales to adjacent tourist developments.

84 room Motel for tourist or Institute guests.

Gas and vehicle maintenance station with convenience store for rent.




We will try to promote inventios that have a sustancial effect on human well being, we will not promote or develop any kind of invention that contribute to war. We wil promote inventions that increase human capacities.

Ultrasensorial diagram

  • I.- Perception of electric fields (like fish on murky water) will allow us to see in total darkness, or fog or smoke or see through opaque object

  • II.- Perception of magnetic fields (like birds finding their way) or feel machines at work, cables conducting or not doing so, metallic surfaces charged or not.

  • III.- Perception of a wider light spectrum from the infrared to the ultraviolet or even to x rays; also allowing us to see things that are cut of our actual vision.

  • IV.- Better sound direction perception and better sensibility from infrasound to higher frequencies.

  • V.- Perception of location, speed, acceleration and direction (like birds navigating); allowing us to differentiate from noise, voices or music from a longer distance, or hearing footsteps from afar, or hearing dangerous thing long before they are near us, knowing also from where the noise come with a high precision.

  • VI.- Magnifying or minimizing our motion, giving us the capability to manipulate very small objects with precision or big or heavy objects with force and precision (The new exo skeleton is an early example).

  • VII.- Augmenting our limited ranged applied force and sensibility to big or small forces and force fields.

  • VIII.- Increasing our smell perception while allowing us to identify smells more precisely. Actually only experts, we can smell up to 2 million fragrances allowing us to smell like a dog can differentiating fragrances, and their existence in space at extremely low concentrations.

  • If we have been able to reach our actual technology and conscientious state, using only our normal 15 senses, imagine what will our brain be able to invent, using all our augmented and added senses.

  • Imagine the goals we will be able to reach in our universe by feeling it through our augmented senses.

  •  We are allowing us to evolve in to Homo Sapiens III

We already have some prospects that want to come to our Foundation as soon as it start to work.

Our scientific staff will perform R&D on the following areas at the same time they work on inventor´s inventions


Products already proposed for development

I.- Helmet to wake up the finding north capability.

With this helmet, you will be able to train your brain to wake up and reacquire the finding north capability; it is estimated that with 3 months of practice with the helmet, you will start feeling where North is at all times without the helmet.

II.- Glasses to disappear nausea caused by movement in vehicles.

With this glasses, you will be able to train exactly as the astronauts and train yourself to be able to work, read or calculate 100% while moving in any direction without nausea appearing; you will be able to read in a bus or car while moving even in the worst driving conditions, even when flying upside down, no exceptions, you will be able to do it from the first time you use them, no pills or patches, simply the glasses.

III.- Helmet for blind or limited sight people with range finders, GPS location and tilt sensors.

A helmet with range finders in front, back and sides that will inform the user where obstacles are by skin actuators oh his head, not invasive, just surface feeling of how far the objects are in the four directions simultaneously; tilt sensor that inform the same way, where zenith is all the time; GPS that will inform where the user is all the time so they know where they are and be able to navigate by themselves.

IV.- Helmet to generate meditation state, augmented memory or higher attention.

A helmet carrying brain regions excitators and demotivators with programs to cause meditative state, augmented memory or almost any state wanted. not invasive, just surface direct current trans cranial stimulation and de stimulation.

V.- Sea water desalinator, that uses virtually no power and generate fresh water at a price that virtually any humang being can pay.

Water will be the commodity that will generate future wars, that is a prediction repeated today; at this time, fresh water production from sea water, need lots of energy and energy is provided by oil; that mean that water is expensive and dependent on oil production and as any product of oil energy is contributing to pollution.
We have a prospect that may free sea water desalination from energy, because this method or device, will produce water with practically no energy input and that mean cheap as water, so cheap that nobody will think about fighting a war over a readily available commodity. Water availability is also a limit to human progress so if we have plenty of cheap water we can generate progress to better human life. This device, can separate salt from the water, but it can separate anything from the water and that mean that it can clean any kind of water, leaving behind any pollutant and in a low energy way.



Ultrasensorial project

Hangars for 3 units 90 passagers hovercrafts capable of 138 km/h and land on any beach or pier, capable to transport vehicles.

Sea Water desalination and electric regeneration stations

HydroThermoDepolimerization plant to convert all area sewage and trash in to water for gardens, oil and products, no pollution or residual.

Auditorioum/Theater for 600 people

33 Scientific and industrial laboratories both theoretical and experimental plus 2 Craigh computers for simulations

Gas and mechanic vehicle maintenance station

Motel 60 rooms all ocean view with swimingpool.

Solar array 5 MW to start Multi layer, concentrated photocells, 85% efficiency, gravity energy storage with regeneration

43 Houses for rent (USD$1,500 per month 6000 sqft) surrounding commercial areas surrounding a big park with fountains

Eolic points for experimentation and generating electricity.




Park area with 300 meters on the side, with fountains, surrounded by 180 commercial areas surrounded by 40 tourist houses 600 m2 each.
All the houses and commercial spaces for rent, never for sale.

    A 102 rooms Hotel, to house guests inventors or paying guests; a business to generate income to sustain institute operation.
  Gas station, convenience store, tire store, vehicle maintenance station, all for rent.
    Center right, 32 laboratories for developing inventions, able to handle big or small inventions and fabrication techniques. machine shop,
Laboratories, surronding a green area with a fountain in the middle and parking on the right.

  Theoretical scientific offices, incuiding data and network laboratories, with 2 Craigh computers for scientific simulations.
In pink, a 600 seats theather, top, parking lot,
Bottom. entrance to Institute grounds, with a fountain in the middle.
   3 Hovercrafts parking with beach access; Right, Electric regeneration station and water desalination station.
Those hovercrafts will connect the area with North Baja California, giving service to the in between points, an average of 138.7 Km./hour, offseting the Baja´s lack of infrastructure.

  Whole Institute 5´945,927.288 m2 area with slope lines, 20 mts high difference between lines.
Note at the higest point, eolic stations, and on the left a water storage facility to store water as a gravity energy storage, to store electricity for convenience usage at convenient hours.
  First Architect concepts
Architecture developed with help from Arq. http:/www.archicentral.com/swoosh-london-uk-valeria-garcia-abarca-7963