This land lot is part of the Holding Munoz Industries, SolLuna is one of the best beachfront lots on the Cancun hotel strip, located on the strip known as the golden mile.

ULegal land use: exclusively hotel UGA 27

Density 5-30 hotel rooms per hectarea.

Area: 127 Has.

Beachfront: 605 metros.

Highway front: 40 Mts.

Levels: 8 floors.

Km. 329.877 Highway Cancun to Puerto Morelos

Latitude: 29º55`55.90``Norte

Longitude: 86º52`19.90``Oeste

RPPYC folio: 402234

Z.F.M.T. general use already granted.

Just 10 minutes south of the Cancun International airport.

Just neighboring sout with Royalton Rivera Maya hotel.

Preselected by: de for one of the international brands it manage.

Valuation: USD$70,000.00 per hotel key,  20 key/ha = USD$ 177`800,000.00

Sole owner: Muñoz Industries

View fromSouth to north from middle of the beach front
SolLuna Cancun/Puerto Morelos, it is part in Cancun and part in Puerto Morelos on the Golden mile.
Royalton Riviera Maya neighbor to the north.
Tourist quality sand, without rocks in the water, sand area 40 mts. long. sea bootom sand up to the reef 40 mts. into the ocean. It already has Federal Zone authorization for general use.
Here you can see the ocean bootom with sand up to the reef, better than most of the Riviera Maya