About Munoz Industries México: Real Estate Consulting, Marketing and Services

Corporate longevity and sustainability start with the company’s value system and a solid and clear group of principles used in every approach to doing business. This means working in ways that, meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. 50-year companies, enact the same clear values and principles with no exceptions wherever they do business and know that good practices in one area do not offset harm in another; our goal is to be a 50-year company that persists in time trough successive corporate administrations. Munoz Industries, is a business group, based in Mexico but with presence in USA and the Caribbean Sea, with a diversified portfolio, that hold the best beach front and urban property in Baja and other parts of Mexico, properties that the group is in the process of funding to develop in to tourist class developments, together with our own technology and marketing companies.
To accomplish this goal, we need risk taking and intelligent partners, that provide capital to bring those properties to a legal status, that is beyond any international standard for security and legality, something you don´t normally find in Mexico; this goal is a natural challenge, especially in Mexico who´s real estate laws, makes it almost impossible for the run of the mill attorneys, to even understand this complex system and to accomplish it, we were in need of the very few land legality specialists in Mexico who dominate this complex system, not only normal real estate experts, not normal attorneys at Mexican law, no public notary, we need the very few experts who bring all together, who know, Ejidos communal titles, Colonial titles, National titles and of course, normal private property and their very Mexican legal procedures to register and make public; that is the only way to bring an investment from being a very high risk endeavor to a very controlled risk, that is a very secure base for investment that bring secure earnings and short ROI. The group has research and development in areas like Microcontroller’s implementation to products, hydroponics, Graphene, and carbon, building and low energy desalination directed to give us and edge on the property’s development.
As part of those activities, the group has a humanitarian advance research and development civil association in charge of avoiding the brain migration to other countries, doing this by supplying services to mostly but not limited to Mexican researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs, in a non-for-profit way.


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