Frequent Questions

How much can I invest in a property?

You can invest as little as $10,000 in US Dollars. However, since the minimum real estate investment requires at least $1,000,000, we will need to form an investment group. This process may take a couple of months to initiate, but we will not charge your account anything, until the pool is complete and we are ready to start the investment. In case the pool takes too long to form or does not come together at all, your check will be returned to you without cashing it, or charging your account in any way. However, if you decide to invest the full $1 million dollars, we can start on the same day.
Once the investment is complete, either through the investment pool or your individual investment, we will start right away and as soon as the title is ready we will be pleased to inform you that we have completed the legalization process and obtained a copy of the property title.
The registry process will begin, and upon completion, we will then place the property in a bank trust, known as a fideicomiso in Mexico, under your name. We will send you all the necessary documents that support the property or partial property, including topographical maps, land usage authorization, and Federal zone concession.
At this point, we will pause and consult with you about your options and preferences, like sell the land lot as is or create asociation to develo the land in to a hotel or what is best.
With your authorization and after reviewing the deals, we will either sell the land or enter into a shared risk enterprise for development with a developer.
In the case of a shared risk enterprise, we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the costs and potential returns of the investment. We will also provide you with information about the developer's reputation and experience, as well as a detailed development plan.
If you decide to move forward with the shared risk enterprise, we will use the funds to create the master plan for the property, the property will be developed and managed by an internationaly recognized hotel or condo management company and you will receive a portion of the profits proportional to your investment. Alternatively, if you decide to sell the property or your portion of the development, we will use our extensive network to find a buyer quickly and efficiently.
When do I recover my money with the earnings?
If we decide to sell the property, we will only do so if there is a substantial gain to be made, and you will participate in every step of the process and you may even provide the buyer.
When the property is sold, you will receive your share in full without any cost or administration charges, except for the actual cost of the professionals involved in the sale and the public notary
at normal costs. We will handle all the details of the sale, and you will be responsible for managing your own taxes if any are due.
On the other hand, if we decide to recommend a shared risk enterprise with a developer, you will collect your earnings when the enterprise pays the investors. This option typically generates a higher return than a simple land sale and may provide an annual share indefinitely in the case of hotel development. Again, you will be involved in every step of the process, and we will keep you informed and updated throughout.
What LEGAL documentation will support my investment?
All contracts will be signed by a reputable public notary. In the case of foreign nationals, an American public notary will also be used, with Munoz Development Professional Co. serving as a cosigner responsible for the transaction. Your investment will always be protected by insurance based on real estate that we already own and in Mexico by the bank trust of Fideicomiso, which will be in your name.
What level of earnings me I expect?
Our company focuses exclusively on beachfront real estate located in toruist strips, with actual potential, no futures or downtown property in hagh end places, not far away or low income places. We prioritize actual land that is easy to sel or that can be developed righ away, without consideration for future values. For example, if you invest $2 million, you will acquire a 50% fraction of the land, entitling you to 50% of the sale price when it is sold, but we never sell for a price close to the aquisition price, we pick the land in a way we can sell at several times the aquisition value.
We accept lots with a minimum value of $75 million, but we also offer options that go up to $500 million. When you invest $1 million, your share will be entitled to a share proportional to the aquisition cost and receive that proiportion of the sale price minus normal sales costs. We do not charge any administration or other fees, and any costs will be approved by the investor before expenditure. We will be investing with you and our proffit will be in our share, sharing with you the proffit and the risk.
Whow long will I have to wait to recover if we setle for a sale? It depend on the option you had chosen, if it land lot sale, the same day we together receive the full payment or exactly in the same way we receive ours; it the case is having the property developed, you will receive the normal owner distribution from the hotel operator, exactly like us and at the same time without any deduction on our part.
Do you have ready some land lot buyers for the lots? In the areas we work, there is always a demand for land lots, the lots are there, but not legalized and can not be used for development that way, we have to work on them to put them on a legal status that allow the investment or legal sale and as soon as we have our lots available, it will start receiving proposals, either for buying or for development.
why donĀ“t you doit alone? In fact we are doing it alone since 30 years ago, but we have to many land lots waiting and we prefer to share the profit than to try to get everything ourselves.
Why is it so hard and dangerous to invest in Real Estate in Mexico alone?

The property law in Mexico is complex, with various designations such as ejidos, colonies, national land, federal zones, and areas restricted to foreigners. Unfortunately, complicating this, the government has been corrupt for a long time and stealing National Land was very widespread, and the public registry has been mishandled, causing confusion among potential buyers. Some individuals offer to sell land with a public registry number, but it turns out that the registry is not legally grounded on a legal title, and the property actually belongs to National Land, an Ejido, or a Federal Zone.

Colonies Titles, state that the property is private, but there are complicated requirements to exercise ownership. For instance, you con not buy the property rights the normal way, not trough sale or public notary, the government have to issue a new title for every owner accepting the conditions, one must reside on the land permanently and use it in the authorized manner; failure to report for three years could lead to loss of property rights. National Land poses its own set of challenges since developers may build and improve the land, only to find out later that the property belongs to the government. In such a scenario, developers must pay the government market value, even for their buildings.

Ejido land provides even less security, with no legal right to the property. As soon as development begins, the ejidatarios, or collective landowners, may demand the property back and offer a less valuable alternative plot. Even if the development is already built, the courts always side with the ejidatarios and view them as children to be protected at all costs(in many cases they are not peasants, they are American citizens). As a result, investing in Mexican property requires thorough research and legal assistance to ensure a successful transaction. Complicating this, property rights law, supposed to be known by public notaries and attorneys at law and of course public officials, but in many cases they have been the problem and will not be the solution to your problems. We specialize in property law of any kind and we have won the biggest cases in Mexico against ejidos.

It is hard and dangerous, but if you have the right partner and counsel, you will find real estate deals that can give you proffits that you can not get any other place in the world.